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When I started with Melissa I believed I was in pretty good shape. Boy was I wrong. Because I was 'thin' did not mean I was fit! After training with Melissa for 2 and half years I am in the best shape I have ever been.With Melissa's dedication and support I have lost body fat in my mid-section, increased my upper body strength and achieved overall fantastic results. This year I will be 41 and thanks to Melissa... 41 Never Looked so Good!
- Christine Cooley, Tampa, 41 years old.

I started working with Melissa after being introduced by a co-worker. Her upbeat “you can do it” attitude has given me the confidence and courage to challenge myself in fitness areas I never dreamed possible. I’ve worked with other trainers over the years and not one of them has made me feel as important as Melissa. She genuinely cares about her clients. When I feel I can’t get through one more set she finds something positive to say and encourages me to keep going. I am so grateful for her commitment to my well-being. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier.

One of my favorite aspects of Melissa’s training is her flexibility with group training. She is able to work with a group of women of all different fitness levels and customize each person’s experience so they achieve the specific goal they are working toward. In addition to Melissa’s personal attention, I find group training another way to stay accountable to my goals.

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to improve their health. She goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with her services. She has certainly made a difference in my life.
- Ginger Schechter

Melissa has been a life saver to me. I started with her a little more than 6 months ago when I joined Powerhouse Gym. I was looking for a trainer who would take personal interest in my overall health and fitness and I hit the jackpot. As it turned out Melissa has issues with her thyroid as do I and she immediately sent me a wealth of information on Low Thyroid diet.

Signing up with Berry Fitness group sessions has been one of the best decisions I made this year as they have helped me to achieve my goals in losing weight, toning and gaining confidence.

The group sessions are awesome as we motivate and push each other to keep going; every class proves challenging as she kicks it up a notch. Thank you Berry Fitness!!!!!!
- Steph

Sorry in advance if this sounds like an infomercial, because it probably will. But I'm very passionate about this trainer.People work out at all times of the day. For me it's often after work. As a busy professional (like anyone else) the day can drain you both mentally and physically. And when the final bell rings, going to the gym is rated somewhere between, I really don't feel like it and torture. And that of course is the main reason why people can't get in shape and reach their fitness goals.

Having a trainer is huge! But it does require a commitment. Both time and money. The best way I can describe hiring a great trainer, is to invest in yourself. And once you've made that choice everything changes... Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. And I don't mean 5 HOUR ENERGY better. I mean energy from with in! The real deal!

I started with Melissa almost two years ago. In my opinion she is very knowledgeable about fitness as well as nutrition. And I can honestly say that she makes it easy to get to the gym. Not only because she exudes energy which becomes contagious, but she will work you EXTREMELY hard and has a personality that tricks your brain into thinking you're having fun! And for anyone who has spent any amount of time in the gym, you know that combination would be priceless! You can't help but get great results.
- James C

I have been training with Melissa since Feb of this year. Since then, I have lost 17 lbs and gained back my self confidence. In the past my workout rountine was just plain boring and I found myself coming up with excuses on not making it to the gym.

Since I started with Melissa, I don't feel that way anymore. The sluggish feeling I use to get disappeared and I have a new perspective on my health and I am very confident in my workout rountines.
- Susan Besse


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