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28 Days: Points to Success If your looking for a great way to jump start your health and fitness goals, get motivated or if you like a little friendly competition, the Berry Fit 28 day points to success is the way to go.

Berry Fit 28 Day Points to Success is a short health and fitness competition that is not only determined on just the amount of body fat loss, but by a point system that is all tracked online. We have found that by using this point system along with the 28 days people are likely to continue with their healthier lifestyle habits as well as continue to gain more results, even after the 28 days is up.

After you meet with a Berry Fit for you initial consultation, you will receive a user name and password in which you will use to log on to your own web dash board. You will be able to track and build your fitness goals, custom nutrition plan, workouts, scheduling, and progress. This system is one of a kind! And it can be accessed right from your smart phone. Making it so much easier to stay on track!!

The way the point system work is measured by different body compassions, your upkeep of nutritional tracking, supplements (if need be), water consumption, cardio sessions, and how many workouts you have attended. And you have the option of being coached by Berry Fitness in person or all online.

Benefits include:
  • A fun way to keep motivation towards your fitness goals
  • Have the opportunity to win one year membership with powerhouse gym, training sessions with fitness expert Melissa Jo Berry for a month as well as nutrition guidance to keep you on track (over a $1500 value!!)
  • Great way to make new friends in the area
  • Receive two fitness assessments (one at the beginning of the competition and one at the end) which will include a body composition analysis, cardiovascular and functional assessment, as well as a before and after photo
  • Accesses to 12 or more group training sessions that are guaranteed to get you results
  • Your own personalized meal plan with recipes and grocery list for each week
  • Your own user name and password to access from your smart phone or computer
  • Progress tracking done online! See your personalized workouts, nutrition as well as tracking where you are in the competition.
  • Big time value for very little to no cost! (Referral benefits)
  • 28 days for $69*
  • 30 Day money back guarantee*

* Contact us for specifics, prices and specials subject to change without notice.

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